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Portable PA systems

SoundRanger professional portable PA systems equipment
SoundRanger professional portable PA systems equipment
If you are looking for easily portable speaker/amplifier units with wired or wireless VHF radio microphone options then a SoundRanger Micro systemn is the ideal choice. Ideal for indoors or out providing flexible solutions with great sound quality.
Portable PA
Portable PA
multi-purpose portable public address systems with wireless microphones and in-built CD facilities
Monacor TXA UHF systems
Monacor TXA UHF systems
an easily portable 16 channel system, ideal for indoor use - eg. classroom, exhibitions etc.
Megaphones and Loud Hailers
Megaphones and Loud Hailers
Megaphones and Loud Hailers are an ideal aid for schools, evacuation control, sporting events, construction sites etc - absolutely essential for rallies and meetings during election & hustings!
Waistband personal voice amplifiers
Waistband personal voice amplifiers
not a substitute for a class system but a useful short term aid
Lecterns with integrated PA system
Lecterns with integrated PA system
Professional lecterns with integrated wireless amplifier systems

Portable systems are the ideal sound reinforcement solution where a fixed installation is difficult. They are quick to set up wherever needed and can operate from battery or mains power.

These ranges of portable products offer an excellent quality but cost effective and flexible sound reinforcement solution. They include built-in radio microphone systems, with the receiver, pre-amplifier, power amplifier and speakers all built into one unit - which means no connecting cables.

They are powerful, yet small and easily portable mains and rechargeable battery systems are available.

There are two sizes of system, the Soundranger Micro VHF system for room coverage and the Compact 2 VHF range for halls. All our portable PA systems are simplicity itself just switch on, set the volume and talk!

Free Trial for every UK school
We are so confident that you will love using the Soundranger portable PA system that we are offering every school in the UK mainland a free trial.

It is very easy, just tell us which Soundranger system you would like to try, we will send it to you ready to use, ‘straight out of the box’.

Then, at the end of the 2 week trial period, if you do not think it is making a positive difference to your school, you can just send it back to us – simple! 

To arrange a free trial for your school, please just email our Director Phil Boswell and leave the rest to us!  



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