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My Bone Conduction Hearing Aid

Hello, Bone Conduction Hearing Aids are obviously very different to a hearing aid but they still have several similarities There are lots of tools and spares available along with accessories that can help you maintain the sound quality and get the most from it.

As with hearing aids replacing items such as microphone filters on a regular basis will make a huge difference and keep your processor working well. Plus using wireless accessories in noisy/poor acoustic environments or with the telephone will dramatically improve sound quality and intelligibility.

Here we ask you to follow the trail below to find your specific model. Once there we will show you the accessories & spares that are available to work with your system and help you get the most from it.

We will also give you our recommendations for products to help with some common scenarios - listening with your hearing aid ... to the TV ... to a home telephone ... to a mobile phone  ... plus ... listening with your hearing aid to conversations in noise or at a distance. 

The trail has 2 more steps:-

1) Select your BAHA manufacturer

3) Select your specific BAHA model.

So lets continue ... please select your manufacturer .
Cochlear Bone Conduction / Baha products
Cochlear Bone Conduction / Baha products
Find accessories and spares for your Cochlear Baha Bone Conduction / Bone Anchored Hearing Aid
Oticon Medical
Oticon Medical
Find accessories and spares for your Oticon Medical Ponto Bone Anchored Hearing Aid

Should you have any trouble in finding answers to your questions about accessories for BAHAs you can contact a human during office hours using the blue live chat/email facility at the bottom right of the screen.


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