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For anyone with limited dexterity, simple tasks can become tricky. That's why we stock a wide range of ergonomically designed gardening tools that can help to relieve wrist stress as well as prevent unnecessary bending and straining.
Ergonomic Gardening Hand Fork
The Ergonomic Hand Fork features a patented ergonomic grip. The comfortable curve provides more leverage with less wrist...

(£12.38 ex VAT) Part no: MXVL102
Ergonomic Gardening Scooper
This Ergonomic extra-wide scooping trowel features a wide, sharp front blade great for shallow digging or scooping

(£14.85 ex VAT) Part no: MXVL103 Currently out of stock
Ergonomic Gardening Cultivator
This precision tool is ideal for working in tight spaces and scraping away weed seedlings before they are out of cont...

(£9.69 ex VAT) Part no: MXVL105 Currently out of stock
Ergonomic Bypass Style Pruner
Ergonomic bypass style pruner with patent-pending integrated compound leverage system, providing more power with less...

(£17.33 ex VAT) Part no: MXVL108 Currently out of stock
Garden Grabber with Telescopic Handles
This cleverly-designed Garden Grabber with Telescopic Handles is the ultimate back-saving clean-up tool that helps lift...

        1 review

(£29.70 ex VAT) Part no: MXVL125
Folding Garden Kneeler and Bench
The cleverly-designed Garden Kneeler is a sturdy, multi-use gardening aid that folds neatly for storage.

(£11.13 ex VAT) Part no: MXVL130
Pro-Light Carbon Steel Spade with O grip
The Pro-Lite Spade is a great all-purpose digging spade with a large sharpened heat-tempered carbon steel blade appreciated...

(£28.88 ex VAT) Part no: MXVL115
Pro-Light Carbon Steel Fork with O grip
The Pro-Light Digging Fork, with its square shaped "English-style" tines, is an ideal tool for turning and cultivating...

(£28.88 ex VAT) Part no: MXVL120


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