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Connevans ATU30 Auditory Speech Trainer


Connevans ATU30 Auditory Speech Trainer


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The Connevans Auditory trainer ATU30 is a rechargeable battery powered unit for the auditory training of the hearing impaired. Each ATU30 will drive one headset and has inputs for both student and the tutor microphones. Two AUT30 units can be linked directly together to provide a dual system for two students. Using a Connevans mixer unit, groups of up to 10 ATU30s can be linked together with full intercommunication facilities.

The unit is housed in a wooden cabinet with an angled control panel at the front and a secondary connection panel in the rear. The headset and microphone plug into the front panel and stepped attenuators are provided for adjusting the sound level to each ear.

Tone control is by switched treble and bass cut or boost from 1kHz. Each of the two microphone inputs have separate channel 'live' indicators and gain controls which are used in conjunction with an output level meter. There is also a switchable 2:1 automatic gain control (i.e. an increment of average sound input of 10dB will result in an average sound output increment of 5dB). On the rear panel is an auxiliary signal input for equipment such as cassette or video and an auxiliary output for making recordings of sessions for long term progress monitoring - this output will also drive a small induction loop.


  • 2:1 AGC facility
  • Treble and bass boost
  • Low battery indicator
  • Channel live indicators
It is quite common for a tutor to work with two students. Two ATU30 units can be linked together to make a dual system without the need for a mixer unit. Both students are able to hear each other, the tutor only needs one microphone and if working with a computer or other device with audio the sound from that can be directly connected and heard as well.
Group systems can also be formed by connection to a Connevans ATU tutor control mixer unit.

Please note that this product code only includes the ATU30 unit & mains lead. The required headset, tutor microphone etc. need to be ordered separately - see associated items.


I nputs and Outputs

Student and teacher microphone input level: 10 mV rms max.

Auxiliary input level: 150 to 300 mV rms max.


AUT30 Frequency Response

100Hz to 10kHz (-3 dB points) with AGE out and tone controls flat.

Bass and treble ocntrols are centred at a nominal 1kHz frequency and give a nominal 6dB pre octave cut or boost as selected (i.e. bass 20dB down/up at 100Hz, treble 20dB down/up at 10kHz)

Distortion: T.H.D at full output (before clipping) - less than 1% with AGC out and tone controls flat.



Indicates amplifier output level for speech. With 0dB indicated on the meter the output for each ear is as selected with the output level controls.


Mixer Control

When connected to a Connevans mixer unit the tutor has control of the student's microphone level. Additionally, all ATU's in the system are interlinked to provide full group intercommunication.


Weight of ATU30 excl. headset: 3.3Kg.
Size: 245 x 241 x 95mm.
Battery Life: depends on usage. In practice, recharging will be required from once weekly to once monthly.

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