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Phonak MLxi receiver


Phonak MLxi receiver


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The MLxi is a self contained, micro radio receiver with a standard direct input europlug interface. This is the Dynamic FM receiver designed for use with the Phonak inspiro and + range of transmitters (but is also compatible with earlier transmitters such as the SmartLink SX). The MLxi has improved sound quality and works on the Dynamic fm platform which helps enhance comprehension, even in noisy situations.

The MLxi is easy to fit with no user adjustments. It does not need to be orientated.

The MLxi gives similar sound quality to the MicroMLxS but the performance is not as good as the fmGenie. There is minimal setting up and, with no connecting wires, it has high visual appeal it is the cosmetics and small size which appeals to people.

For an audio demonstration of the benefits of Dynamic fm:

  - For Adults

  - For Children


  • Dynamic fm
  • very small in size and weight
  • compatible with virtually all behind-the-ear hearing instruments
  • compatible with Cochlear BP100 & BP110 Bahas & with the Advanced Bionics cochlear implant with the iConnect earhook
  • Smart Noise Blocker technology to improve sound quality and listening comfort
  • automatic squelch for improved reception
  • improved range of up to 30m

  • built-in antenna which makes the pin orientation unnecessary
  • intelligent stand-by mode to save power when the transmitter is switched off

Don't forget that you will also need to purchase MLxi compatible direct input shoes. Please note that the MLxi is compatible with standard MLxi/MLxS audio input shoes.

Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 12mm
Weight: 1.205g


Please note that the MLxi is compatible with standard MLxi/MLxS audio input shoes.

Please note that the MLxi will not work with any 'In The Ear' hearing aids.

The MLxi takes its power from the hearing aid, typically 1.8mA, so the battery life of the aid is reduced by about half. When no 'FM' signal is received for 40 seconds, the MLxi goes into a low current sleeping mode drawing typically 200mA.

Technical notes: MLxi receivers have technical limitations with the RF sensitivity and requires channel separation. These limitations result in a low number of simultaneously usable channels ad the need to use a 'high power' radio transmitter - Campus SX, SmartLink, ZoomLink, EasyLink, inspiro or an fmGenie. MLxi users should be aware that nearby fm transmitters on any frequency up to at least 5 channels away may cause interference.

In use, the inspiro, SmartLink?+, ZoomLink+, EasyLink+ or WallPilot can temporarily change (synchronise) the MLxi operating fm channel to its own. The default channel is not affected, and it is the default fm channel that it will return to when the MLxi loses power – either by unplugging or turning off the hearing aid.

Manufacturer's part number:  052-0067-87140


Help Centre

MLxi technical datasheet

Click here for information about radio aid channel frequencies

Phonak inspiro product brochure 

Phonak inspiro technical brochure 

For an audio demonstration of the benefits of Dynamic fm:

  - For Adults

  - For Children  

International warranty for Phonak equipment purchased for use outside of the UK.

Phonak offers a one-year limited international warranty, valid as of the date of purchase. This limited warranty covers manufacturing and material defects. The warranty only comes into force if proof of purchase is shown.

For customers using Phonak equipment outside the UK, in the unlikely event that your equipment requires repair it may be returned directly to your local Phonak service centre.






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