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Telecoil unit for Baha Intenso, Divino & Compact


Telecoil unit for Baha Intenso, Divino & Compact


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The Telecoil unit is for use with personal loop systems in the home and in buildings with loop facilities to improve sound quality. The telecoil unit will pick up the sound in theatres, cinemas, lecture theatres etc. and from telephones provided they are fitted with a loop facility.

The telecoil has an M/MT/T switch - with a flick of this switch, the user can swap between microphone setting, telecoil setting and a mixed setting; without having to remove the telecoil. 

Manfr. pt no: 90185   




Colour: black
Size: 56 x 8mm
Weight: 2g

Sensitivity data: output force level at 100mA/m (1000Hz) is equivalent to an acoustic input of 76 dB SPL (with telecoil in off-mode).




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