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ProGuard custom earplugs

ProGuard ®is an entirely new approach to custom fit hearing products; our aim is to completely simplify the process of buying custom-fit earplugs and other custom in-ear products .

ProGuard has now evolved into series of new custom  fit products devoted to protecting or enhancing the user within their own sound environment. Each one catering for a different style of user and each individual one unique in its own way.

How does it work?

1) Order your ProGuard Music EarPlugs

2) We will then send you a Pre-Paid "ProGuard Music EarPlugs" Box

3) Your box will contain a unique serial number and instructions of how to register it - Once registered online with ProGuard, 1 of their sales team will call you (usually within 48 hours) to arrange a local appointment for your ear impressions to be made

4) Your local audiologist will then take impressions of your ears (the cost of taking the impressions is already included in the price), this process will take approximately 10-15 minutes. The process that is used is very similar to that used when making hearing aids, your audiologist will place a small piece of foam into your ear canal to prevent any excess impression gel going into your ear. They will then inject into the outer part of your ear canal the soft impression gel. Once set, the impression along with the foam will gently be removed

5) Once this procedure has been carried out, you just need to send the impressions back in the pre-paid box supplied

6) Your ProGuard Music EarPlugs will then be manufactured and shipped back to you. This process will take approximately 14 days.

It really is very easy!

ProGuard DIY Mould-Your-Own Custom Earplugs
the ultimate in comfort and hearing protection - ProGuard custom made earplugs and will match every contour of your ear...

        1 review

£14.15 £15.72
(£11.79 ex VAT) Part no: 13EPPRO979
ProGuard Custom Music Earplugs
The ultimate in comfort and hearing protection - ProGuard Music custom made earplugs and will match every contour of your...

£157.50 £180.00
(£131.25 ex VAT) Part no: 13EPPRO9015
ProGuard Custom Digital Bangbusters
ProGuard BangBusters exclusively designed to be used in high noise environments, where instantaneous extremely high noise...

£498.78 £570.00
(£415.65 ex VAT) Part no: 13EPPRO9014
ProGuard Industrial Custom Earplugs
the ultimate in comfort and hearing protection - ProGuard Industrial custom made earplugs and will match every contour...

£168.00 £192.00
(£140.00 ex VAT) Part no: 13EPPRO9007
ProGuard Fleximonitors Custom Earphones
ProGuard Custom Fleximonitors are very high quality custom fit earphone with a high isolation factor well above 25dB,...

£218.40 £249.60
(£182.00 ex VAT) Part no: 13EPPRO9008
ProGuard IFB Custom Earpiece
ProGuard Custom-fit "open" otherwise known as Skeletal or Skeleton IFB earpiece will sit comfortably and very securely...

£127.96 £138.00
(£106.63 ex VAT) Part no: 13EPPRO9006
ProGuard Earphone Custom Eartips
EARTIPS FOR SHURE-SENNHEISER-UE-ETYMOTIC ETC. ProGuard Custom Eartip Sleeves are the ultimate sound monitoring acces...

£147.00 £168.00
(£122.50 ex VAT) Part no: 13EPPRO9011
ProGuard Attenuating Custom Earplugs
ProGuard Custom Sound Attenuating Earplugs give your ears the protection needed to safeguard your hearing from excessive...

£194.26 £222.00
(£161.88 ex VAT) Part no: 13EPPRO9003
ProGuard Full Blocking Custom Earplugs
ProGuard Custom Full Blocking Earplugs are developed to be used when extreme noise levels can become a hearing proble...

£147.00 £168.00
(£122.50 ex VAT) Part no: 13EPPRO9005
ProGuard Sleep Custom Earplugs
SUPER SOFT EARPLUGS FOR SLEEPING - ProGuard Custom Fit Sleep earplugs offer you the perfect solution for a good nights...

(£140.00 ex VAT) Part no: 13EPPRO9010
ProGuard Travel Custom Earplugs
ProGuard Custom Travel earplugs will fast become your ultimate travel accessory - never forget to pack them

£157.50 £180.00
(£131.25 ex VAT) Part no: 13EPPRO9013
ProGuard Motorcycle and Motorsport Custom Earplugs
ProGuard Custom Motorcycle Earplugs are the perfect solution for the noise damaging world of motorcycling & motorspor...

          1 review

£131.28 £149.94
(£109.40 ex VAT) Part no: 13EPPRO9004
ProGuard Swimmers Custom Earplugs
ProGuard Custom Swimmers Earplugs use the finest non-allergenic medical grade silicon materials, designed to be used by...

£147.00 £168.00
(£122.50 ex VAT) Part no: 13EPPRO9112
ProGuard Shooters and Marksman Custom Earplugs
ProGuard Custom Fit Shooters and Marksman's Earplugs come in clear transluctent non-allergenic soft medical-grade silicon...

£145.96 £166.80
(£121.63 ex VAT) Part no: 13EPPRO9009
ProGuard Pro-Musician by Earsonics Custom Earplugs
ProGuard Earsonics Pro-Musicians Custom Earplugs are fitted with unique Earsonics acoustic filters and have a superb sound...

£210.00 £240.00
(£175.00 ex VAT) Part no: 13EPPRO9002
ProGuard Variphone Ultra Lin-Ear Music Earplugs
The ProGuard Variphone Ultra Lin-Ear Custom fit earplugs are specifically designed for musicians, music lovers and concert-goers...

£210.00 £240.00
(£175.00 ex VAT) Part no: 13EPPRO9018
ProGuard P2+1 In Ear Monitor
ProGuard P2+1 In Ear Monitor successfully combines a dual ported triple driver configuration that will bring to life music...

£367.50 £420.00
(£306.25 ex VAT) Part no: 13EPPRO9000
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