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Earplugs to block out all the sound

Earplugs can be roughly grouped into three types, foam or silicone earplugs, filter ear plugs and customised earplugs.  

Foam earplugs are low cost and easy to use. Silicone ear plugs allow you to use your fingers to shape the ear plug to suit your ears. Filter earplugs cut out background noise but still allow some natural sound to be heard, eg somebody talking or music, they also give less of a feeling of exclusion. Custom earplugs (with or without a filter) fit the best and will last a long time.  

trying to sleep Which are your best earplugs, I want some to cut out all the sound? ” is a question which  Connevans customer services often get asked.

People understandably want peace and quiet from time to time. There is often an expectation that a pair of earplugs will cut out all of the sound around you.

We are not aware that soundproof ear plugs actually exist; try completely blocking your ears w ith your fingers – go on, try it - can you still hear anything? We think you will still hear things, louder noises will be greatly reduced but you can still hear them. Having your fingers in your ears will also be the maximum sound reduction or blocking that the very best earplugs will give you.

How do you hear sound? We hear sound by two routes, the first is the obvious route from sound into your ear which reaches your eardrum which passes vibrations to your middle and inner ear – the vibration stimulus is then converted by the brain into sound. The second less obvious route to hear sound is through the bones of the skull, with your fingers blocking your ears you still hear sound through conduction of sound from your skull direct to your inner ear.

Expectation – if you have an expectation that a pair of earplugs will allow you to hear nothing, then you are going to be disappointed.

Blocking Custom earplugs will be the most effective – however earplugs with a sound filter are often a better solution, the sound filter will block out the background noise but will still allow you to hear somebody talking beside you.

Conclusion - fully blocking soundproof earplugs do not exist as you will always hear louder sounds through bone conduction from your cranial bones (skull).

Should you have questions or would like help choosing the right earplugs for you please contact us via our chat facility at the bottom right of the page.

Ear plugs and more - Hearing Protection
Ear plugs and more - Hearing Protection
Hearing protection - earplugs and more! Connevans recommend that where possible, attenuating ear plugs are used rather than the type that fully block. Ear plugs with filters maintain spatial awareness for safety as well as venting the ear


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