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Corded earplugs and earmuffs

Connevans Earplug-Store offers a great range of Corded earplugs reducing the chance of accidental loss and great when you don't need to wear earplugs 100% of the day.

The Peltor kids earmuffs are especially good to use during firework displays - children are often more sensitive to loud noise than adults.

Moldex Corded Rockets - corded earplugs 25dB
reusable earplugs joined by a cord, sold in a pocket pack for hygienic storage

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(£1.11 ex VAT) Part no: 13EP6401
1 pair of ear plugs 37dB
Super soft and comfortable to wear, hypo-allergenic foam conical shape ear plugs with medium absorption: 37dB

(£1.04 ex VAT) Part no: MZMCORDMAX2
Moldex Jazz Band - corded earplugs 23dB
foam earplugs joined by a solid band

(£4.12 ex VAT) Part no: 13EP6700
Mack's Ear Seals dual purpose earplugs - No11 27dB
designed for use to block out noise and water - includes removable cord and free storage case

£3.24 £3.60
(£2.70 ex VAT) Part no: 13EPM011
Moldex M1 Sound Protection Earmuff 31dB
Ear defenders are a great choice for those who cannot achieve a safe and comfortable fit with earplugs

(£25.16 ex VAT) Part no: 13EP6100
ProGuard Industrial Custom Earplugs
the ultimate in comfort and hearing protection - ProGuard Industrial custom made earplugs and will match every contour...

£168.00 £192.00
(£140.00 ex VAT) Part no: 13EPPRO9007


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