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Phonak ComPilot and TVLink S Bundle

Phonak ComPilot is your perfect 3-in-1 companion, offering true convenience, wireless freedom and the reassurance of VoiceAlerts, spoken messages. ComPilot provides easy wireless access to TVs, MP3 players and phones to name but a few. It guarantees stable connectivity, best voice quality for phoning and keeps hands free.

The built-in remote control is designed for ease of use with convenient program and volume changes. ComPilot is the first accessory to offer the benefit of spoken messages, making it easier than ever to interact with your hearing aids.

The Phonak ComPilot & TVLink S bundle gives you the following possibilities:

  • Hands free mobile phone conversations via Bluetooth - connect more than one phone at a time
  • Listening to TV sound - with supplied TVLink S
  • Listening to audio (e.g. music) from a radio, PC, MP3 player etc.
    wired to ComPilot - connecting lead available separately
  • Listening to audio (e.g. music) from a wireless stereo device via Bluetooth
  • Listening to a person - RemoteMic available separately
  • Remote Volume Control of some specific models of hearing aid (see below)


Phonak ComPilot key features:

  •     Wireless streaming
  •     Remote control
  •     VoiceAlerts - The only accessory to offer spoken alerts
  •     Perfect partner with TVLink S base-station
  •     More than 8 hours continuous streaming time in StereoSound

The TV Link S is a dedicated TV solution. Combined with the ComPilot it offers a terrific listening experience. The extremely fast transmission from your TV to your hearing aids in stereo provides excellent sound quality. Plus, its easy one-step set-up means that the TVLinks S and ComPilot are ready to go in less than 60 seconds!

Phonak TVLink S key features:

  •     Specially designed for ComPilot
  •     Quick and easy installation
  •     No line of sight to hearing instruments necessary
  •     Up to 30 meters (100 ft) transmission range
  •     Digital volume adjustment with audio-visual feedback
  •     Embedded charging slot for ComPilot


The ComPilot is compatible with Phonak CORE, Spice, Spice+ and Quest hearing aids.

Audio Streaming only:

Audéo Smart, Audéo YES, Certéna, Certéna Art, Exélia Art, Nathos w, Naída, Nios micro, Versáta and Versáta Art.  (Please note, only Nathos models with the suffix "w" are compatible.)

Audio Streaming plus Remote Control Features:

Ambra, Audeo Q, Audeo S Smart, Audeo S Yes, Bolero Q, Cassia, CROS, Naída Q, Naída S, Nathos S+ (not Micro &?M), Nios S, Sky Q, Solana and Virto Q. Also compatible with Advanced Bionics Naída CI Q70 cochlear implant processor. Please note that the Phonak ComPilot does not operate with non Phonak hearing aids.


(Please note, the above list is contrary to our Issue 51 catalogue page 206, which is incorrect) 

Please note - the ComPilot is easy-to-use for audio streaming, straight out of the box. 

However for the remote control feature to work, the ComPilot needs to be set up with your hearing instruments by your audiologist or hearing aid dispenser. Before purchasing a ComPilot, you need to contact your hearing aid distributor and confirm that they are happy for you to make an appointment for them to set up your equipment.  

Phonak part number: 076-0816-2520

Includes: ComPilot inc neck cord, TV Link S, UK power supply, SCART adaptor, 3.5mm plug to plug audio cable, 3.5mm plug to phono plug cable  & user guides          

Please note: Individual components supplied as part of a bundle cannot be returned separately for credit .


ComPilot Technical information:

Dimensions: L x W x H: 7.2 x 4.9 x 1.4 cm
Weight: 46 g
Color: Palladium/black
Operating conditions: 0o C to +45o C / < 95% relative humidity
(non condensing)
Storage and transportation -20o C to +60o C / < 90%
conditions: relative humidity (non condensing)

Power supply:
Battery: Lithium Polymer 3.7V DC
Charging time: 1hour.
Charging time depends on initial battery state. Full
performance is achieved after three complete charge
and discharge cycles.
Capacity: 450 mAh (typ.)
Operating time: 8 hours Bluetooth streaming
48 hours switched on, Bluetooth on stand-by
10 hours audio streaming via cable
9 hours streaming via FM system
2 month remote control
Charging input: Type: DC, stabilized 5V +/- 5%
Max. current: 500 mA
The battery cannot be over-charged. It may become
warm during charging.
Important notice: It is recommended to only use the original Phonak charging unit.

Audio information
Audio input supported:
Wired (3.5 mm jack)
Bluetooth audio (stereo)
Bluetooth phone
FM (Europlug)
Audio quality: Stereo / 22 kHz sample frequency
Audio bandwidth: 20 Hz – 10 kHz

Bluetooth profiles supported:
Headset Profile (HSP)
Handsfree Profile (HFP)
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
Audio Video Remote Control Profile AVRCP
Phone Book Access Profile PBAP
Bluetooth range: 10 m (Class 2)
Bluetooth compliance: Bluetooth version 2.1
Max. paired devices: 8
Maximum of simultaneously connected profiles:
2 A2DP
(usually 2 cellular phones or 1 cellular phone and1 TVLink S basestation)

Radio information
Loop antenna Ferrite antenna
Type: Removable, inductive Integrated, inductive
Operation frequency: 10.6 MHz
Occupied bandwidth (99% BW): 588 kHz 570 kHz
Modulation: FSK
Channel: Single channel radio
Magnetic field Strength@10 m: <-34 dB?A/m <-11.5 dB?A/m
Operating range to hearing aid: 20 cm (8") 80 cm (33")
Wearing option: Worn around neck Handheld
Use case: Streaming and remote control Remote control only

Standards applied:
Radio: ETSI EN 300 330 (HiBAN)
ETSI EN 300 328 (Bluetooth)
EMC: EN/IEC 60601-1-2
El. Safety: EN/IEC 60601-1
Compatibility to Phonak wireless hearing aids
Streaming: CORE, Spice & Quest Generation
Streaming and remote control*: Spice & Quest Generation

*note - some features might not work unless paired with hearing aids. 

TVLink S Technical Information

Dimensions: L x W x H: 90 x 60 x 23 mm
(3.8 x 2.5 x 1 inches)Weight: 100 g
Colour: Light silver metallic
Operating conditions: The product has been designed for trouble-free operation without restrictions when used as intended, unless otherwise stated in the user guide -10°/55° Celsius and relative humidity of<95% (non condensing)
Transport and storage -20°/60° Celsius and relative humidity of conditions: 90% for a long period of time

Power Supply:
Type: DC, stabilized
voltage: 5 VDC
Max.current: 500 mA
Plug: Mini-USB

Important notice: Only use the original Phonak power plug oran USB certified power adaptor > 500 mA

Audio Information:
Audio input: Wired (3.5 mm socket)
Audio quality: Stereo, 20 Hz – 22 kHz

Bluetooth profile
: A2DP, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
Frequency range: 2402.0 to 2480.0 MHz
RF power: 100 mW max.
Bluetooth range: Up to 30 m (100 ft)
Bluetooth compliance: Bluetooth version 2.1, Class 1
Maximum paired devices: 4
Optimized for use with Phonak ComPilot. Compliance to non-Phonak devices is not guaranteed

Radio: EN 300 328
EMC: EN 301.489
El. Safety: EN 60950-1

Persons using medical devices such as pacemakers are not permitted to use this device.


The following additional information is available for this product

Click here to view pdf user guide for the ComPilot

Click here to view pdf data sheet for the ComPilot

Click here to view pdf user guide for the TVLink S

Click here to view quick start guide for the TVLink S

Click here to view pdf data sheet for the TVLink S

For further information about Bluetooth, visit

Click here to view information about how to pair the ComPilot with your mobile phone

Click here to view information about how to pair the ComPilot with a desk telephone

International warranty for Phonak equipment purchased for use outside of the UK.

Phonak offers a one-year limited international warranty, valid as of the date of purchase. This limited warranty covers manufacturing and material defects. The warranty only comes into force if proof of purchase is shown.

For customers using Phonak equipment outside the UK, in the unlikely event that your equipment requires repair it may be returned directly to your local Phonak service centre.  
Tell us what you think

Phonak ComPilot & TVLink S bundle (3PACOMPTV)

Reviewed by: Mr Aitken

I recently purchased the Phonak Tv Link which included the co pilot.Having had the previous version icom, I expected to get the same quality sound from the com pilot but, to my delight,I now heard an even clearer, sharper sound.Since I have a sound distortion type of hearing loss I have always had to use the subtitles together with the tv link thus giving me the illusion of perfect hearing of the spoken words.As anyone using these will know,it is very difficult to follow live broadcasts such as the news etc since the subtitles simply cannot follow the dialogue in sync so making sense of the dialogue is next door to impossible.

All of this I expected to remain the same with the introduction of the com pilot,but to my great pleasure I find I can now dispense with the subtitles for a lot of the time while watching live programmes. Needless to say, I am delighted to be able,after years of missing out on a lot of delays and missing words, to now hear most of the words as they are spoken, if only some of these presenters would no gabble it would be even better.

You will gather that I am more than pleased with purchase of the com pilot and the fact that I did so from Connevans who have given me excellent service over quite a few years now,many thanks.

Rating: 5 * * * * *

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