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Azden IRR-40P

Azden IRR-40P: the efficient and economical soundfield solution 

Based around the IRR-40P two-channel powered amplifier, the system is a straightforward and affordable option for those who are looking for a fixed classroom soundfield system but do not require the security and advanced design features of the Connevans IR Classmate. 

It combines the flexibility and interference-free operation of infra-red technology with essential practical features, such as a twin-channel receiver and two auxiliary audio inputs for connection to interactive whiteboards, computers, CD or MP3 players, etc. There is also an audio output connection, to allow rebroadcasting via a radio aid transmitter for deaf students who use a personal fm radio aid system. Please note that a suitable shelf is required.

The teacher or lecturer needs to use an IR transmitter to pick up their voice. Don't forget, the IRR-40P is a two channel unit and can have two transmitters in use simultaneously: -

  • SwiftTX pendant transmitter - Our Recommended Choice
  • Belt worn transmitter with collarworn microphone
  • Pendant microphone transmitter
  • Pendant transmitter with headworn microphone

Our recommended choice is the SwiftTX pendant transmitter, because it is exceptionally light and easy to wear and has excellent sound pickup. The IR Classmate pendant microphone is a good functional choice. Some people prefer a beltworn transmitter, in which case, the collarworn microphone gives very good sound pickup and has no hygiene issues.

The handheld transmitter (available as an addition to any IRR-40P package) is ideal as a second transmitter for group discussion or guest use.


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